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Junon Restaurant

Art direction, UI/UX design, Website design
The original Junon Restaurant’s grand opening was held on November 17, 1967, on the top floor of Wu Sang House in Mong Kok. By that time it was the tallest commercial building there.

Now it returns to Hong Kong at a new home in Wan Chai. Located in Wu Chung House next to the Hopewell Centre as a traditional French restaurant serving both bistro and fine dining with live music performances occasionally.

A legacy of our Golden Age

Since Junon is once a well known French restaurant providing not only delicious food but also a taste of those good old days. A new responsive website with lots of retro graphic elements and also an online booking system is designed to promote the relaunch, hoping that the radiance of Junon’s heritage shines once again.

Never stop exploring

Wandering in Wan Chai

As Junon represents more than just a Frech restaurant, a neighbourhood section is designed to introduce some famous attractions of Wan Chai, from traditional ancient temples and colonial buildings to revitalised theme projects and stylish communities. Whoever planning to visit the restaurant may explore and discover this neighbourhood’s century-long history amidst the bustling backdrop of Hong Kong.


Digital Agency: cccdi
Creative/Art Director: Chakman Chan
Designer: Chakman Chan, Tammy Huang, Waici Wong

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